Explore the Token powered by the Freelance EconomyWorken $WORK

Explore the Token powered by the Freelance Economy

Business Model
Business Model
Tokenomics is based on the Paidwork platform, which is currently used by over 17 million freelancers. Every day, users withdraw funds they have earned by completing tasks on Paidwork, such as playing games, cashback, surveys, videos, and freelance tasks.
Users earn money in Worken and get paid in seconds thanks to Solana Blockchain technology. Worken makes it a competitively more cost-effective, secure and fast payment method option compared to traditional fiat solutions. There are 0% transaction fees for using Worken.


With Mint & Freeze Revoked

LP Burned


10% Team
90% Community

Total Supply

With 10% Real-time Burning


Two ways to get Worken
Completing tasks on Paidwork
Completing tasks on Paidwork
People who have earned funds in the Paidwork application are exchanged for Worken
Purchase on the CEX or DEX exchange
Purchase on the CEX or DEX exchange
External investors having access to only part of the Tokens that are available for purchase
Deflationary Token
Worken has a limited supply of Tokens which was initially 100 million. They are removed from circulation with a 10% burn, which takes place with each user's payout on Paidwork. The remaining tokens are purchased by Paidwork for subsequent payouts.
Deflationary Token
For Businesses
For Businesses
Receive or send instant transfers with Worken with 0% fees. Available SDK library on Github for businesses, apps and games to connect to the $WORK economy.
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