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Methods of earning

Playing games

Reach a certain level or unlock a feature in the selected mobile game and collect points. Complete easy, medium and hard tasks in games you like. The longer it takes you to complete the task, the more you can earn. The available game categories are action, sport, strategy, battle royale, adventure, role-playing and racing.

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Filling out surveys

Complete surveys published by other people. A wide array of surveys is at your disposal, and we will do our best to tailor them to your interests. Some surveys are anonymous and some public. You will be notified before you begin to fill out a survey.

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Online shopping

Here you will find popular stores and brands where you can save money with Paidwork. Shop at your favorite stores to get cashback and earn money. For larger purchases, you will receive a correspondingly higher cashback. Additionally, you can collect free samples and coupon codes by registering on various websites of online stores.

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Watching videos

Gain profit by watching short, 30-second videos based on your interests. You can watch various ads depending on your personal preferences. To earn points you must watch the whole video. Otherwise, you will not be able to collect any profit. If the monetization is interrupted, you will be able to watch the video once again.

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If you want to learn new skills - this method of earning is perfect for you. Learn anything you want - programming, graphic design, creating animations and get paid for it. In order to get paid you need to learn from courses you choose and then complete available tasks on Paidwork.

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Mining crypto

Start mining cryptocurrencies using your device. The perfect way to earn money while using your phone, laptop or tablet. Leave your cryptocurrency mining device on for as long as you want and earn money. Download the cryptocurrency mining app to start using this method of earning.

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Scanning receipts

Scan your receipts and collect extra money from your shopping. If you shop frequently, this earning method will help you save a lot on your next purchases by scanning receipts from various stores. You benefit twice by using this method of earning and cashback.

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Monetization Tips

Invite and earn

Increase your earnings with the referral program

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Collect achievemenets

Earn extra money by collecting achievements

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