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This method of earning involves mining cryptocurrencies using a separate application from Paidwork. To use this method of earning, you need to download a cryptocurrency mining application. Then, after downloading, click the "Get Started" button and the application will mine cryptocurrencies while you use your device. The perfect way to earn money while you are at work, leave your computer overnight or have several devices you don't use.

Your salary depends on the Blockchains mined, which are calculated every hour of cryptocurrency mining. If you spend more time, the amount will also be higher. Additionally, you can connect several cryptocurrency mining devices.

After clicking this button, the installation should start. During installation, various messages may appear regarding warnings due to cryptocurrency mining. This is normal behavior of antivirus programs, which may not allow you to download the application during installation. In this case, they must be disabled during installation to download and start mining cryptocurrencies.

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Helpful information

To make money most effectively with this method of earning, we recommend connecting several cryptocurrency mining devices that you have. Leave them running in the background while sleeping or working. With each device, you increase Blockchain mining, which increases your earnings. It is also worth investing in a more efficient graphics card or processor that will speed up the mining process and automatically increase your earnings from mining cryptocurrencies. By using the Paidwork cryptocurrency mining app, users mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the most stable in terms of potential profits for the user.

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Paidwork - Helpful information

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