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Job description:

Model Design

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of machine and deep learning models

  • Model optimization to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency

Data Analysis

  • Analyzing data, identifying patterns and preparing data for model training

  • Applying exploratory data analysis (EDA) techniques to understand data characteristics

Implementation of Algorithms

  • Implementation of machine and deep learning algorithms using tools and frameworks such as PyTorch

  • Optimizing and adapting algorithms to specific business problems

Integration with Systems

  • Integration of models with existing systems and applications

  • Collaboration with the programming team in the integration process

Testing and Optimization

  • Conducting model tests and optimizing parameters to improve their performance

  • Maintaining high quality standards for AI models

Team Collaboration

  • Active cooperation with the scientific, programming and business teams

  • Participation in design and sprint meetings


  • Higher education related to computer science, artificial intelligence or data science

  • Experience working as a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer or similar role

  • Knowledge of machine learning tools and frameworks such as PyTorch

  • Programming skills, preferred knowledge of Python, R

  • Understanding deep machine learning and neural networks

Additional Advantages:

  • Experience in designing and implementing advanced AI models

  • Knowledge of data visualization tools and model results

  • Interest in trends and news in the field of artificial intelligence

  • Portfolio of projects related to machine learning and data analysis

We offer:

Flexible hours, 100% remote

Any contract, 100% remote 

How to Apply:

If you are interested in participating in our internships, please send your CV. Recruitment is carried out by inviting candidates who are interested in development within our company and the possibility of gaining employment there for an interview.

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