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Paidwork - Tower Color

Have you ever dreamed of mastering the art of painting and at the same time winning fantastic prizes? If so, then Tower Color is a game made just for you! Tower Color is a simple in concept, but addictive game that requires dexterity, precision and creative thinking. The player controls paint, which he shoots in the direction of falling towers. The goal is to hit sections of the towers that are the same color as the paint that the player. The hit sections get colored, and the goal of the game is to gradually cover the towers with paint, to reach the highest possible level. It's a game you can start playing right away, regardless of previous experience with mobile games. and the addictive production not only offers top-level entertainment, but also offers the opportunity to earn money and develop your your skills. Are you ready to face this colorful challenge and earn fantastic rewards? Install OUR app and enjoy the game today!

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