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Explanation of the method of earning and some advices.

Start making money in just 2 simple steps.

This earning method is based on completing courses and tasks online. To use this method of earning you have to complete course about the subject you are interested in. You can choose from various options, such as writing articles, programming or even graphic designs. When the course of your choice will be done, you will have to take a quick and easy test to check your knowledge about completed course. If you pass this test, the tasks will show up for you to finish. Once you finish the task, your Paidwork account balance will be automatically updated.

Your salary depends for example on the number of written sentences, video quality or if the finished task is compatible with its subject. Each task has an assigned number of points you can earn for doing it.

Choose a method of earning

  1. Sign in to your Paidwork account.
  2. Click on the menu bar (which is on the top left) and Earn.
  3. Then click the green Earn button, which is below the "Services" block.
Services - Paidwork Resources | Step 1

There is also an information icon in the graphic on the top right. If you click on it, you will see additional information about this method of monetization, e.g., salary, what to do, how to earn efficiently. All the information provided there is also written here.

Then click the green Earn button, which is below the "Services" block.

Start completing courses and tasks

After clicking the green Earn button, you will see two options: Courses and Tasks. First you have to complete one of the courses of your choice. You can choose from various options. Courses can last anywhere from less than an hour to 5 hours. After finishing the course, you will be given a quick & easy quiz to test your knowledge. You have to complete at least 70% of the course to unlock tasks.

Services - Paidwork Resources | Step 2

If you pass the course, we may show you tasks belonging to the subject of finished course. The categories (in accordance with the Terms of Services) are writing articles, programming, graphic design, translations, testing, making videos and creating animations.

Helpful information

You should be able to see at least 50 tasks with different difficulty levels, so there is plenty to choose from. Tasks can last anywhere from less than 2 hours to +20 hours. Each task is rewarded individually, usually it depends on the difficulty of the task, the diligence of its execution and the time you spent doing it. It is recommended to check the Paidwork application at least once a day to make sure whether the cashback has been credited and the funds have appeared on your account. If the in-game task verification team detects that any type of unauthorized use has occurred, the task may be rejected. Any attempts of fraud may have a negative impact on your Paidwork account. The task verification process takes up to 3 business days.

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