Manor Matters and Homescapes

Paidwork - Manor Matters and Homescapes

Discover the Charm of Solving Mysteries in the Manor Matters and Homescapes Games! Are you ready for an exciting adventure that will combine your logical thinking skills thinking skills with a passion for uncovering mysteries? If so, then Manor Matters and Homescapes available on our app, are games created especially for you! Take on the role of a detective and set off on a journey through the fascinating world of hidden objects and puzzles. Manor Matters will take you to a charming but forgotten manor house, which hides amazing stories and secrets. Playing the role of a detective, your main goal is to restore the splendor of the of this mansion, uncover old secrets and repair the puzzle related to the past. Playing Homescapes, you will experience not only the satisfaction that comes from solving the difficult puzzles, but also the excitement of discovering the secrets and stories associated with the house and its inhabitants. Each success on successive levels brings you closer you to discover more secrets and renovate more rooms. And your choices will affect the development of the story, as well as how you will regain the mansion's former splendor. These games will provide you with a chance to earn money. Download our app and start discovering the secrets of the of charming mansions right now!

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